inVisu offers cost-effective services to provide custom versions of our software specifically tailored for your needs. We also propose a wide range of services for the scientific community in the areas of visualisation, data integration, and website design.

Our development team has an extended expertise in the following areas:

  • finite element and finite volume methods, CFD: interpolating functions and mathematical expressions can be added upon request,
  • data integration: interfaces for data formats can be added, for the integration of a solver or a geometric modeler,
  • scientific visualization: creation of new data representations or new ways of visualizing data according to the application field,
  • visual monitoring: sharing of data in memory between our software and a solver or a mesher, for visual monitoring and steering of ongoing computations.
  • virtual reality: development of applications in virtual reality immersion environments.
Moreover, we can help you to enhance and communicate your results:
  • creation of images and animations from your data, ensuring data confidentiality,
  • creation of web sites to present your data.
    Examples of web sites designed by inVisu:
    • Canadian Wind Energy Atlas. This web site, developed by inVisu, offers a consolidated point of access to Canadian wind data, using a fast and powerful home-made map server.
    • Ontario Wind Resource Atlas. The first version of this atlas, developed by inVisu, used MapServer, and an advanced combination of php, javascripts, and on-the-fly programs to present Ontario wind data.

We also offer introductory and advanced training courses for our software.