VUVR offers the power of VU and VUChem in virtual reality immersion environments. VUVR uses its own libraries or can be linked to your version of the CAVE libraries.

[CAVE] [Immersadesk] HTC Vive

Representation of a CAVE and of an Immersadesk. (Courtesy of Fakespace.)
HTC Vive Pro HMD.

The CAVE, also called an immersion vault, is a chamber with three walls and a floor on which a 3D virtual world is projected. The realistic and immersive feeling is made possible through the use of stereo glasses. From retro-projected images, a 3D object is created around which or in which the users can move. Through the simulation of 3D objects, the vault can be used by researchers to analyse large scale complex solutions much more efficiently than on a 2D workstation screen. The ImmersaDesk uses the same type of projection, on one flat screen, also allowing a 3D vision.